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Q: How is it that with water everywhere, some Canadians do not have water to drink?

A: because some First Nations communities do not have access to drinkable fresh water!

Canadians are big water users and are also advanced in water treatment and distribution technologies. Yet, in one of the most water rich countries in the world, approximately one out of every five First Nations communities in Canada lacks access to clean, safe and sustainable drinking water. Why do some First Nations communities have these problems and others do not and are thriving? How can there be economic independence and advancement for these communities without this basic human right? The brothers travel to First Nations communities in search of the answers.

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FAMILY DAY @ WATER DOCS Water Film Festival, March 23 @ 1-6 pm
Featured ENGOs: Ecoloodi and Engineers without Borders
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    4-6 pm: Fun activities around water

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The Water Brothers’ entire research and production team really appreciate and respect the unique opportunity we have been given to explore the leading water stories of our time and foremost to show viewers how multi-faceted and often complex the related issues and solutions can be in rapidly changing environments. Our ultimate goal is to present a balanced point of view and in that important context, we very much rely on the cooperation of the involved parties and elements in our subject matters and as such are very grateful to all the participants in our episodes whether scientists, economic and business experts, company representatives, government officials, organizations and individuals and communities at the centre of some of these stories.

- The Water Brothers

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